Creative solutions to save money this year

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Image credit: Alysha Findley (Apartment Therapy)

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes to waste money. In this times, a lot of people have to do almost magic to pay the bills, so it’s good to know how you can save some dollars from here and there. Clearly, you are not going to become a rich person doing this, but maybe will let you eat something more than white rice for the last 10 days of the month until payday.

How many of these suggestions could be applied to your everyday life?

1. The first and foremost is to make a household budget. Where do we spend the most? Can we reduce it? How can we control it?

2. Buy seasonal products. Although nowadays we can find artichokes in August and peaches in January, it’s not the common and this can substantially increase the price of the shopping list. It’s best to buy seasonal and also, in many cases, it can be frozen for the future. 

3. Try to go out for dinner just once per week. this can save a lot of money.

4. If you have to eat outside frequently, prepare your own meal at home and take your lunch instead of going out to eat at work. Plus,it's a good chance to improve your cooking skills!

5. Depending on how much coffee you take per day, you can save a lot of money cutting here. A good solution is to brew your own coffee at home and take a to-go mug.

6. Do you really need the cable or satellite channels? 

7. Try a cheaper or generic brand of items you usually buy regularly. Maybe you will be pleasant to discover some new store brand to fall in love with. Maybe a cheaper pack of popcorn than the usual? A laundry detergent? 

8. You can save money on your beauty products. You don’t really need those 20 body scrubs. Mix a cup of sugar with coconut oil and some lemon juice and you will have the easiest, cheapest and coolest body scrub of the world. 

9. Using an adjustable thermostat can significantly reduce the amount of energy you  use. Also, you can drop the thermostat a degree or two. 

10. Stop storing and start selling. Do you really need all the items in that room? You can start cleaning and decluttering room by room and sell the things you don’t need any more. It’s a win-win process! 

11. Invite your friends over instead of going out for party. Everyone can bring something for dinner and drink and you can share.

12. If you need something new, take a look the thrift store first. Candles, mugs, casseroles, clothes, accessories…  

13. Before buy anything, ask yourself why you should buy it and whether you actually need it or not. If the answer is “I don’t know”, put it back.

14. Eat (good) breakfast at home. This will curb your desire for snacks and will prevent you from taking a huge meal (that will increase the bill).

15. Stop drinking processed juices and sugary drinks. Are quite expensive (and not good for your health). Drink more water.

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