Where I live now?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hi Everyone!

November is almost over and I hadn’t realized my last post was in summer! I think I am getting old and forgetful. Along these months my life was quite the same as usual, excluding I turned 30 last week…..whaaaatttt??? yes, Don’t even remember me.

I would like to show you all where I live since June. This little town is called Comillas (Northern Spain) and is situated between the sea and the mountains, which is, put it in some way, pretty cool.
This little fishing village was, in the past, a place where many noblemen and well-endowed people chose to spend their holidays because of its beautiful beaches and the fresh and sunny summers.  That is one of the reasons why we can find nowadays beautiful palaces and nice and palatial homes (not mine, by the way).

  Without further delay, ladies and gentlemen, I present you…Comillas!

I’ll wait you all around here!




Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hi guys!

Do you know what we were doing the last two weeks? We were looking for a new place to live the next year and a half so…yeeeeeyyy! The good news is that we found a very nice apartment, tiny but cute, unfurnished and with a little garden which needs some love. And it’s completely new! We will be the first tenants of the house.
The bad news is that the other day, when we were visiting the apartment to clean it and see if everything was on its site, we discovered we have a BIG water leak that is flooding the neighbor’s garage. So, it’s a great start for a new house!

I wanted to show you how the apartment looks like empty and I’ll bring you soon some updates with all the changes. I have big plans for the living room, which includes a 1920’s table (with 6 chairs) I bought the other day that is so lovely I can’t wait to see it in place!

So, I will be back soon I hope with a lot of changes. Hope you are all having a lovely summer!!

XOXO. Sara