Monday, November 28, 2016

Hi Friends!

Do you know what I normally do when I have left overs of some project? Another project! Some weeks ago I painted and gave my office space a different aspect, with which I am completely happy and in love with.
Abandoned on some corner of my house, I had this cork board, useless and forgotten. So I thought it could be a good ‘add’ to my new space, and that it would be nice to have something cute in front of me to reminds me the important stuff.
What I don’t use to pin on it are work things, don’t ask me why if this is a work space, right? I prefer things that makes me happy when I look at them, things that inspire me to keep going or things that remind me good trips, experience or people. For work reminders I have my agenda, which, by the way, I don’t use as much as I should (Did I mention some time how disorganized am I?).

Well, the cost of this project was nothing, taking into account I already had all the materials for another project. But, an estimation would be like 15 dollars or so (including the cork, paint and all).

First of all, I protected the edges with some tape to prevent painted them with the gold paint. The pattern I did was completely random, because at first I wanted to make something on my mind I wasn’t able to reproduce with the tape and I end up with this... To keep the separation between lines even, I cut a piece of the tape and use it as a separator.
I would like to give an advice: the sponge brush wasn’t working very good on cork. If I had to do it again, I would use a regular one. Just so you know :). I let it dry for around two hours and then I gave another coat. Then, I let it dry all morning long and, by the afternoon, I did the opposite: I protected the cork base to prevent being painted with the white I used to paint the edges.

And that was all y’all! It takes some time due the dry times, but it was really easy to make! And if you have a forgotten or boring cork around the house, you can give it a totally new look trying something like this.

Hope you have a great week! Have fun with your projects :) 

XOXO. Sara


Saturday, November 12, 2016

DIY Planter
Hello Friends!

The other day, I was looking for some fabrics in my storage room and buried down hundreds of things I found this wine box that someday I kept for some reason that now I can’t remember. I completely forgot about the fabrics and I went downstairs with my new treasure, trying to find some utility for it. Then, I remember having watched some video (probably this Buzzfeed that is everywhere) where someone was planting aromatics herbs in a similar way, so I thought: hey! Why not? 

I already had spearmint and coriander at home, so I put a few stems in a glass filled water for 6-7 days. I did the same with celery heart and 2 garlic. 

DIY Planter
After that period, I don’t know why, but the coriander didn’t grow a little, although the spearmint did it. I have no idea why, as I am not a plant expert (you can read how I try not to kill my plants here) so maybe there is something about coriander that I don’t know (probably). 

Anyway, I drilled a couple of holes in the wood to help plants to drain, I added soil, like half of the box, and then I planted all the stuff and added the rest of the soil. 

DIY Planter
DIY Planter
DIY Planter

So here I have a bunch of nice aromatics and hopefully some garlic and celery. I will let you know if they survive to me or not! My brother told me he had two or three incense plants he already successfully made brow by planting the stems and he'll give me a couple of cutting to try if its works for me (aka: 'the planticide').  

DIY Planter

XOXO. Sara