Hi! My name is Sara and I am from Spain. I currently live in Santander, a small city in Northern Spain. I work professionally as an archaeologist and I LOVE IT.

Since neither my boyfriend nor I can settle definitely in a place, we have to be…forever renters!
I love to cook, but definitely I'd rather eat. I like vintage objects, rock music and snuggle under a blanket with a huge bucket of popcorn and watch horror movies. I am very happy to have the opportunity to share bits of my life here with you.

If you have any question or you just would like to chat, you can easily find me at: foreverrented AT gmail DOT com



  1. Hi, Sara! Nice to meet you! I stumbled onto your site from Apartment Therapy Main which featured your floppy disk coasters---which were featured in an e-mail from Bloglovin'. Once I got to your site, I stayed awhile looking at everything and reading several of your posts. I just wanted to let you know it was fun and I enjoyed myself! Thanks! I am sort of a blogger, too! I say "sort of" because I feel like I am still searching for my voice and intended audience and struggling to be regular about it. Would love to have you come visit me over on my site: calmandcollected.us.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Nice to meet you too! First of all, thanks a lot for having some time around here. I am very glad you had a good time reading some posts 😃.I also had a great time reading some of yours! Actually, I enjoyed a lot and I definitely think you have talent! Here you have a new reader.
      Once again thank you and hope to see you around soon!