Homemade Sushi for Two

Monday, June 20, 2016

maki sushi
Hi everyone!

You know what I really like to make (gastronomically speaking) when there are no plans on the horizon? SUSHI! Making sushi is not difficult, but it takes too long to make and so little to eat. However, sometimes I have the craving for homemade sushi, so I dust off the tools and get ready to cook!
maki sushi

What do you need for making sushi for two?

400 gr sushi rice
2 tablespoon rice vinegar
4 sheet of nori
1 cucumber
2 pieces of fresh tuna (or any fish you like)
1 carrot
1 avocado
½ tablespoon sugar
½ tablespoon salt

Soy sauce
Preserved ginger


Put the rice in a small saucepan with water, and bring to the boil for 10 minutes. Put the lid and simmer gently for other 10 minutes.
Dissolve in a small bowl the vinegar with the sugar and the salt, sprinkle over the cooked rice and mix softly. Let cool for 20-30 minutes, stir periodically.
While the rice is cooling, I like to prepare the vegetables. Peel the cucumber and the carrot and cut it into fine strips, same with the avocado and the tuna.
Here comes the tricky part: place a sheet of nori on a bamboo sushi mat, and with the hands wet (hands always wet!), spread half the rice over the sheet except for 1cm clear at the top. Place the ingredients you want to be inside the sushi roll across the rice, and begin rolling from the near edge with the rice. Keep the filling in place with your fingers at the time you keep rolling.
Cut it into pieces. Remember: every time you use the knife to cut a piece, dip it in cold water; this trick prevents the rice and the nori to get stick to the knife.  

The soy, wasabi and ginger are used to dip the roll inside. Dissolve a pinch of wasabi and place a little piece of the ginger into the soy sauce. Is that easy!

maki sushi

This makes a fantastic takeaway lunch if you usually have to eat at work or anywhere outside, or a fresh and healthy dinner at home.
Happy sushi making!

XOXO. Sara


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello there!

It has been a long time without catching up. But I’ve been working A LOT! Last week my colleagues and I were organizing an International Conference at our university and that was a complete mess (not the Conference, which went really well, but the preparations). It took a lot of effort and energy for all of us, but at the end was worth it!

But I am not here today to talk about my working life (maybe another time). I wanted to share with you guys my own experience on Instagram. I guess some of you may have an account on Instagram, or at least you have heard about this social media and how it works. Well, here are some facts (REMEMBER: this is only an opinion):

- I notice there are plenty of users who follows you and if you don’t follow back, they do unfollow. But…WHY!? If I don’t find interesting your Instagram, why should I follow you? I guess they do this because they want you to see their accounts and all that stuff, but really? This is a real effort! Imagine: every day, you follow 30 or 50 people (or 200, whatever), and then you have to keep in mind to unfollow them by the end of the day…not worth it at all. At least, it takes an amount of time of my life I am not willing to spend doing this.

- I am only following people who I really like their accounts. I mean, who cares if they only have 30 followers or 3m? I am not going to play that game. I don’t care if they are not following me, I just want to enjoy their pictures, probably have some fun and get inspired by them.

- Taking pictures of something that has taken 1 hour to set in place is not natural or real, not even fresh. A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of someone who was taking breakfast in bed with a fried egg in a pan (the pan was over the bed), a perfectly placed rose, and a very unstable counter with a cup of coffee with milk… Sorry, but I am not going to bring an oily pan to my bed and put it over my bedclothes.

Una foto publicada por Laura López (@lauraponts) el

- I understand the picture must (or must not if you don’t want to) have an aesthetic sense, but sorry, sometimes is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, the picture above is awesome, in fact, all the pictures of @lauraponts are perfect, but aren’t not even a bit casual. This one, for example, probably took hours to think about the correct place for each piece and prepare everything before shooting.

Of course, this is my own opinion of this social media, and maybe is my simplistic point of view the reason why some accounts have thousands of followers and I only have a bunch of them, but I am not going to bring a pan with a fried egg to my bed to get more followers!!

 What about you? What do you think about this?