80's Inspired Coasters

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Original Coasters
Hi there!

Who is in for a flashback to the past?

Last week, while I was deep cleaning the house, I found some old diskettes (plus hundred of unnecessary things) and suddenly I felt so nostalgic! I remember when I had to stock my school work in a couple of these and the computer took ages to read them. Because, if you didn't use it, the capacity of diskettes was ridiculous in comparison to what we have nowadays. Imagine, in each of them, you could only stock a bunch of pictures so, think on the number of diskettes you would have needed to save the photos we take these days only in a weekend. 

Original Coasters

Moved by the nostalgia for the past, I thought on giving these diskettes a new life like coasters. 

Original Coasters

You will need: 
Spray paint
Silicone self-adhesive pearls

I clean the surface of the diskettes and I painted them with aged bronze spray paint twice with a lapse of 48 hours between each. When the paint was dry, I added the self-adhesive pearls to prevent scratches on the table or any other surface and right after this, I used!!

This is an original way of having old-but-new coasters and for free (or just for the price of spray paint in case you have to buy some).  

What are your projects for the week? Wishing to hear!


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  1. These are so cool! I never would have thought of something like this -Hanna Lei

    1. Thanks! And the best thing: are super easy to make!! :)