Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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I don’t have a real pantry (I wish I had!). I call pantry the drawers and cabinets where I usually store the food. It works for me!

Last year, we had a plague of pantry moths in our kitchen. We were out of the city for two or three months, and when we came back… we had a disgusting surprise with that evil moths! That was a sign to do a deep clean of all the cabinets and throw away everything we weren’t using and/or it was opened and could be ‘infected’ with that horrible plague. 

I normally take a look every few months to the pantry in order to prevent expired food or another plague. Besides, this part of the year is quite nice to do some deep clean because, at least for me, during winter I feel a little lazy to do this kind of things, and in summer is too hot to do anything around the house. Therefore, spring and fall are my favorite seasons of the year for deep cleaning (if anyone has a favorite season for cleaning…). Don't get me wrong, I clean the kitchen quite often, but not with such care as in this seasons. 

What I normally do when I do a purge of the pantry:

1. Check out for possibly infested food: since our last experience, I pay special attention to flours, rice, legumes or any bulk foods potentially susceptible to kitchen pests.

2. Take a look to your spices:  these should be cleaned every year and a half. After that time, spices and dry herbs lost all the flavors and get dusty. Spices are not expensive, so you can easily replace them with new and freshly ones.

3. Expired food: I store cans of tuna, sardines or tomato sauce like if I was expected a zombie apocalypse. Just because it is canned or non-refrigerate doesn’t mean it would last forever. Also, I have the bad habit of open sunflower seeds or any nuts and return them to the cabinet and forget about it. When I have a craving of nuts, is too late because they got stale. Very sad. Also, keep an eye on oils, which use to get bad quite easily.

4. Everything which doesn’t belong to the pantry, out of the pantry: I found cleaning cloths in the same cabinet with the oils and condiments…don’t blame me! These items belong to a specific place, and it isn’t the pantry.

5. Undesirable food: with this I mean that package of chips that looked very cool and delicious in the shop, but are completely disgusting. Or that present some relatives brought you from that trip to somewhere and you really don’t want to try. Give it to someone who could enjoy that pleasures!

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