Wednesday, November 2, 2016

 Hey there!

Since last month, I’ve been working from home two or three times a week because I am way more productive there and, as I have the deadlines for my Ph.D. Thesis really (REALLY!) close, I can’t afford any distractions.
It’s a very comfortable space, a balcony with nice views of the sea (and of the neighbors) and with plenty of light. The drafting table and the stool were from my sister, who has back problems and this table was very good for her while she was studying. The great thing about it is that it can be angled so you don’t have to bend your back. Great for the neck!
The table on the whole was good, despite some scratches and cuts in the vinyl that covered the wooden plank. It looked a little bit old and probably because of the constant sunlight across the years, the vinyl, which was green at the beginning, looked yellowish and not so good.
As the balcony is painted all in white, I thought the gold would be a nice color choice. Well, in fact, any color paint would have been a good choice, but I wanted to try the combination of gold with pink marble and see how it looks. I wasn’t able to find a vinyl with that characteristics, but instead I found a white marble vinyl, that looked really nice. The total cost of the project was less than 35 $!


Metal paint in gold
Adhesive vinyl paper 
 The hardest part for me was covering the entire surface of the table with the vinyl on my own. So if you are planning something similar and you have the chance, ask someone to help you. Both table and stool have two coats of paint; I let it dry between the first and the second 12 hours.
Once again, is incredible how a little bit of paint and two more things can change the space. Now, I feel more inspired to work here, and definitely, more productive! (I know this can sound silly, but it's what I can tell!). 
Despite this is not a totally renovated space, as the apartment is not mine, I did my best to change this little nook with very few things. 

Next step: give the stool a new look with some funny fabric, as the current one is kinda old and is broken at some points. What do you think? Any idea of what should I do with it? Really looking forward your comments :

XOXO. Sara

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  1. I agree it is much easier to concrntrate on a thesis if you are writing it in a beautiful spot, good luck!