It's Moving Time!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Hello friends!

I’ve been out for almost a month, but I have some news… We are moving! The past few weeks have been so crazy, surrounded by boxes, tape and yes, trash. 

Five years ago my boyfriend had a job opportunity in Valencia, so we moved out there from Santander. I quit my job and followed him. At the beginning, was very difficult for me because I couldn’t find any job and, except for my boyfriend, I had no friends or relatives around me. So I decided I would continue studying with a Master degree in order to have the chance to improve my skills and to meet new people with similar interests. And I did! I met really cool people, I started to have an active social life after one year of being a ‘stay at home girlfriend’. 

Then, I found a job in an office as a consultant, which wasn’t the job of my life (I spent like 3 months trying to figure out what the heck I had to do), but it paid the rent and once again, I met really cool people who are still my friends. After four years in Valencia, I had the chance of returning to Santander and work in my field, as Archaeologist at the University. Who would have refused that opportunity? I blindly accepted it, so we had to spend last year separately. Last week, my boyfriend had a really good work offer so, once again, he has to go somewhere else. What does it mean? A moving! 

It has been really sad, because deep in my head I had the feeling I could return every time I wanted to a place I called home, despite last year I wasn’t there as much as I would love to. I had to say goodbye to a place full of memories of dinner parties with friends or movie nights. And saying farewell to a city I kinda hate when I arrived but I learned to love at the end.
But that’s life, folks! We have closed that door, maybe not forever, who knows!  

And after the story of my life, I wanted to show you how I organized all the stuff for the moving. I tried to be clear with what was inside each box and where that content belongs. I divided the organization into rooms, each with an (easy) code: A- Kitchen; B-Living-room; C- Room #1, etc. 
For example, I started with the kitchen, so on the first box, I wrote A-1, and in my notebook, I specify what was inside A-1: Dishes & Bowls; A-2: Pans & Pots; and so on.
I couldn’t find bubble wrap anywhere, ANYWHERE! So you know what I did? I wrap all the delicate things (vases, plates, bowls, etc.) into old sheets I cut into pieces. Not the best solution ever, but better than nothing.
The best solution for saving space were these vacuum storage bags. I used like 10, for the pillows, the curtains, our clothes… best-thing-ever. 
A different odyssey was trying to find a person at a shop or a grocery store who wanted to give me empty boxes (which they would have to carry up to the trash container…). Finally, after asking 5 or 6 different sites, I got them. 
And finally, this is how the van looked like after putting all our life inside. Messy, right? Same as our lives!

What are your tips and tricks for a moving? I would love to hear them!


  1. Thanks. This post was very informative. I think you have a good system in place for packing. I just have so much stuff! You should give yourself a pat on the back for meeting new people in new situations.

    1. Thanks Elaine! Last time I had a moving I couldn't find anything for the next two months, so I thought on this system and for the moment it's working :).

      Thanks for the comment!