Monday, November 28, 2016

Hi Friends!

Do you know what I normally do when I have left overs of some project? Another project! Some weeks ago I painted and gave my office space a different aspect, with which I am completely happy and in love with.
Abandoned on some corner of my house, I had this cork board, useless and forgotten. So I thought it could be a good ‘add’ to my new space, and that it would be nice to have something cute in front of me to reminds me the important stuff.
What I don’t use to pin on it are work things, don’t ask me why if this is a work space, right? I prefer things that makes me happy when I look at them, things that inspire me to keep going or things that remind me good trips, experience or people. For work reminders I have my agenda, which, by the way, I don’t use as much as I should (Did I mention some time how disorganized am I?).

Well, the cost of this project was nothing, taking into account I already had all the materials for another project. But, an estimation would be like 15 dollars or so (including the cork, paint and all).

First of all, I protected the edges with some tape to prevent painted them with the gold paint. The pattern I did was completely random, because at first I wanted to make something on my mind I wasn’t able to reproduce with the tape and I end up with this... To keep the separation between lines even, I cut a piece of the tape and use it as a separator.
I would like to give an advice: the sponge brush wasn’t working very good on cork. If I had to do it again, I would use a regular one. Just so you know :). I let it dry for around two hours and then I gave another coat. Then, I let it dry all morning long and, by the afternoon, I did the opposite: I protected the cork base to prevent being painted with the white I used to paint the edges.

And that was all y’all! It takes some time due the dry times, but it was really easy to make! And if you have a forgotten or boring cork around the house, you can give it a totally new look trying something like this.

Hope you have a great week! Have fun with your projects :) 

XOXO. Sara