Five Christmas Presents for broke people (like me)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's almost Christmas guys!! That means meet again with your family and friends that are far far away, returning home, eat tons of sweets, decorate the house and the Christmas tree, and yes, get presents to everyone! 
A couple of years ago I was unemployed and my wallet was so empty, that made me want to cry every time I saw it. As Christmas time was getting close and my wallet getting emptier, I tried to think about some presents for Christmas which were cheap but not crappy, meaningful and personalized to every member of my family. It wasn’t easy, especially finding something cool for my parents, but I did my best!

Here I would love to give you some ideas to enter the New Year with some cash in your pocket (if you need it). 

      1.  If there is someone around you who love coffee or tea, you can personalized a couple of mugs with a Sharpie. I guarantee you it would look super cute and it’s something completely personal and made with lots of love. There are like millions of ideas you can borrow around the internet, but this is one of my faves: 

Classy Clutter
     2. Deconstructed recipe in a bottle/jar. Make sure you choose the right one. I tell you this because I gave a jar with stuff to bake a cake to my sister and it didn’t work very well (she is not a good cooker anyways, maybe it wasn’t the recipe :P).
 3. A photo album is a win-win ALWAYS. Who doesn’t like pictures of the beloved ones?

 4. If you are a good crafter, you can try to make some original coasters, a nice piece of wood art or maybe if you know to sew, you can try with a bowtie, for instance.

     5. A box of beauty products. I found a nice box around the house, I put some cute paper and ribbon on it and fill it with a manicure set: different nail files, polish, minty and coconut oil sugar scrub, a brush and a nail clipper.

     What are your solutions to end the Holidays with some money in your bank account? I would love to hear them! 

     Have a lovely week you all! 

    XOXO. Sara

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