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Monday, February 22, 2016

Travel kit

I make my living as an archaeologist, and although most of the year I usually work indoors in an office doing pretty boring stuff and nonexciting things, there are several months a year I have to travel a lot to go to archaeological excavations, to study materials in museums or to process materials in a laboratory.

Over the years, these trips have made me improve the art of ‘luggage making’, and essentially due to the need, I have been specially focused on ideas that make the trip and the stay as comfortable and smooth as possible. When I have to travel for work, I am not usually allowed to carry too much luggage, so I always ask myself the same question as I'm packing: Is this really necessary? Or, Can I spend 4 weeks without this? 

When I go to archeological excavation, I have to be very selective with the amount of things I want to bring with me. Do I need a hair straightener or a curling iron? NO. Do I need a bottle of perfume? NO. Do I need SPF 50? SURE. And, do I need Tweezers? Of course I will need it! But when I travel for holidays, I do exactly the same. You just have to be a smart traveler and stop carrying half of your house with you!

As I say, I always travel only with the essentials, so in order to make the best trip possible, I tell you my 'must haves' (nothing posh as you'll see): 

1. A pair of boots. Indispensable to work

2. A good book for relaxing moments

3. Mobile phone, charger, adapter and headphones. Most of the time I do not have internet, but at least I can use it to listen to music or to take quick photos

4. Reflex camera. Capture the moment!

5. SPF 50. And yet, sometimes I got sunburn!

6. Contact lenses and sunglasses 

7. A notebook to have a record of the places I have visited, the good spots of the city...

And of course, I have essentials I always carry on my toiletry bag:
Toiletry bag
1. Vanity case. Here I usually have all the medicines and sanitary stuff I could ever need (every kind of painkiller, strips, tampons, antihistamines…). 

2. Solid shampoo, a bar of soap and body butter. The great advantage of carrying solid products is that you avoid the possibility of everything going out and getting the suitcase and all your stuff dirty. My shampoo and the soap are from Lush, a very cool brand which uses all natural products for making their cosmetics. Another big plus is that last forever!

3. Mini sewing kit. Sometimes when you are far away from the civilization you really can’t buy another t-shirt and you have to fix it. If you don’t know how to sew, don’t worry! You will figure it out when you need to do it.

4. Tweezers with a mirror. Vital. Say no more!

5. Also absolutely necessary: lip balm, a small sponge, deodorant, a comb and a bandeau. 

Well, now we are ready for the next adventure, right? just pick some clothes, some cool shoes, and let's go for an excursion!

Xo. Sara

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