Cactus Embroidery

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cactus Embroidery
I love cactus. It’s almost the only plant I don’t usually kill. Because I spend long periods of time away from home due to my job, I can’t have all the plants I would like to. Cactus is tough, resistant, and endure almost anything. However, unfortunately I must confess I have killed more than one.

In order to always enjoy a blooming cactus and to make sure not to kill him when I am traveling, I started working on this fun embroidery. And it’s super easy!

Cactus Embroidery
What you will need: 
Piece of Osnaburg fabric
Needle with a sharp point
Cotton floss (from 6 to 8 strands) in different colors
Eager to work!

First of all, I drew with a pencil what I wanted to sew. Then, I filled it with rows of chain stitch. I also used satin stitch to make the rim of the pot and the blue table, and the cactus spines are made with the called ‘seed stitch’. And that’s all, folks. :)

Cactus Embroidery

Hand embroidery can be frightening at the beginning, but with practice you will see is quite easy and fun!

 xo. Sara

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