Staying at Home Date Ideas

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sometimes, when I see what other couples do in date nights, I feel like we are a weird one because we don’t do what a couple it is supposed to do. We have never been a cheesy couple (not even at the beginning, ten years ago), and honestly, we don’t like the traditional stuff other people do, such as having a candle light dinner (really, I don’t see the food and is very uncomfortable!), dancing together, or writing love letters and then read to each other. We definitely prefer to eat tons of pizza in pajamas while watching a movie (which, by the way, it’s not always a good quality one, aka: Kung Fury, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes…), or playing board games while drinking beer.
It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, or that we are not real and true. It means every couple has its own ways to run a relationship, and no one is wrong or right, and what for some dance salsa could be the most romantic thing in the world, for others could just be drinking beer together.

Anyways, sometimes we are tired and veeery lazy to go anywhere so we prefer staying at home and prepare a date night together. We are very simple in that way, no complications!

So, this is my idea of a perfect staying at home night date:

1. Play board games. There are a lot of games two people can play: Catan, Carcassonne, TimeLine…And if you feel a little bit nostalgic, you can try with Battleship or Monopoly. 

2. Make some cocktails, play your favorite music in the background and just talk, like you would do in a pub but just the two of you. 

cocktail night

3. Take a huge bucket of popcorn, some gummy bears and snuggle under a blanket to watch a movie or series marathon.

4. Beer tasting with some good cheese is picking a win combination.

5. Cook something you both like. You can learn a lot of each other when you cook together. My favorite is making sushi! 


6. Play video games. Well, at this point I must say sometimes this is not a wise decision because we argue a lot! 

7. Give a massage to each other. I love foot massages, Grrrrrr.  

8. Spicy chicken wings, nachos and hot dogs for watching a football game

9. Spa night. Exfoliation, face mask, tonic & cream. Smooth as a baby :) 

10. Bubble bath together. Very relaxing!
bubble bath

I will confess something: I can't wait to make a tent with some sheets and have some junk food while watching a movie, as when I was a kid :)

And you? How is your perfect date at home?  What do you usually do? 

XOXO. Sara


  1. Love these ideas! My boyfriend and I are not known for being cheesy either (well, except for eating cheese), so we typically make a date night out of a bottle of wine, a dinner we will both enjoy, and either some video games or catching up on our favorite YouTube channels. Looking forward to more blogs from you!

    1. Sometimes the simplest, the better! Those plans you both do sounds for me like the perfect way of spending some quality time together. Who needs more!
      Thanks for reading!! :))