Monday, January 23, 2017

This year has had a lot of days to enjoy (366 exactly :P), and has been full of changes and so many ups and downs, but I guess, looking back, every year we say the same!
Some days have been great, and some days have been horrible, but that’s life, right?
I never make New Year’s resolutions because honestly, I never make them happen, but what I do it’s more like a mental list, just for myself, and I try to accomplish it.

But we are talking about last year, so… What has happened in 2016?

  • Last year, around these days, I decided to create this personal blog.
  • My boyfriend and I celebrated 10 years together. WOAAHHH!
  • I travelled for work to new great places and I met super fun new people.
  • We had a wonderful vacation in Portugal (summer) and France (Winter)
  • I reconnected with my family little hometown in the middle of Spain. I hadn’t been there for a long long time.
  • I achieved a lot of professional goals and I learned a lot! I still have a long way to go, but I never thought that I would be this far!
  • We had to leave Valencia forever and, in my case, return definitely to my hometown. We also had to make the decision of being apart (geographically speaking) one year. It was a shock, but I guess that is how adulthood works: you have to make decisions you don’t want to.
  • I felt in love again with mountains and hiking and I promised myself that I would continue this 2017. I used to go climbing and maybe this year I will do it again!
  • We travelled to Baeza (Southern Spain) for a very nice weekend.
  • I rearranged hundreds and hundreds of pictures and memories in very cool way and I can’t be happier with the results ( I'll show you soon!).

What will 2017 have for us?

What about your year? Expecting something better of 2017? I can't wait to hear your stories :)

XOXO. Sara

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